WildCat Guitars - Righteous, Red-Hot Rock n’ Roll Greetings from the Heart of The Six-String Jungle!

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Righteous, red-hot rock n’ roll greetings from the Heart of The Six-String Jungle! #6StringJungle

WildCat Guitars in Escondido, California, just a Rolling Stones’ throw from the

Pacific Ocean, brings pedal-to-the-floor So Cal power to the Custom-USA-guitar party.


New shop name; familiar veteran aces: Doug Diamond. Bo Harrison. Scott Kennedy.

First and foremost, Thank You for all of the stellar guitar times all these past years. It’s been a molten-metal six-string journey of the ages and it’s only bound to be more incendiary as WildCat revs up for the new roaring 20s!

We also understand rumors of our mysterious “disappearance” have persisted for the past several months. Well, all good jungle dramas worth their weight need a good disappearance.

We apologize for the confusion. In fact, WildCat has been rolling rail-to-rail, building greatly on Bo and Doug’s combined 40 years on the fevered six-string pitch.

Far from disappearing, Doug, Bo and Scott, amped-up and ramped-up in the super-charged So Cal rock n’ roll vortex, offer a brain-bending initial blast of ferocious Fender Custom Shop, glorious Gibson Custom Shop and powerhouse PRS Private Stock Artist Package and 10 Top action. Sure, we also carry ultra-stellar Suhr, incredible inter-galactic Luxxtone, amazing Ernie Ball Music Man and titanic Taylor acoustics.

Check out these iconic, supersonic axes online or in-house, WildCat style; a showcase/clinic-friendly guitar hot spot, where you’ll be exposed to magnificent art by the legendary San Diego music painter Al Scholl, and many other incandescent artistic souls to come. Al’s towering, vibrant glow-in-the-dark-jungle-mural masterpiece sets the tone as you take in the best axes on the rock n’ roll planet in quintessential six-string-jungle-gallery climes.

WildCat: cool as the So-Cal ocean breeze; with teeth!


About WildCat Guitars…

WildCat Guitars: Welcome to The Six-String Jungle!

Your savage journey to the heart of the Custom-USA-guitar dream, rock n’ roll claws out, fangs bared, just took a heated So Cal turn, deep in the heart of Escondido, CA, just 12 miles from land’s edge.

You’re WildCattin’; on the hunt for the ultimate six-string rock n’ roll machine to fuel your insatiable custom-USA-guitar fire.

Blazing. Burning. Custom. Trick. USA. America Baby…!

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