Welcome to the Six-String Jungle

WildCat Guitars: Welcome to The Six-String Jungle!

Your savage journey to the heart of the Custom-USA-guitar dream, rock n' roll claws out, fangs bared, just took a heated So Cal turn, deep in the heart of Escondido, CA, just 12 miles from land's edge.

You're WildCattin'; on the hunt for the ultimate six-string rock n' roll machine to fuel your insatiable custom-USA-guitar fire.

Blazing. Burning. Custom. Trick. USA.

Enter the Wildcat world.

Fire up ferocious Fender Custom Shop firebrands with fiendish masterbuilt-and-teambuilt intentions; Exclusives, Limited Runs, FCS Design Lounge Axes of The Ages (and beyond)!

Crank up spine-tingling Gibson Custom Shop greatness. Dealer-select-top Les Paul '59s howl and growl; cutting heads in transcendent skylight all-day-all-night-full-moon-rising WildCat style.

Power up primal powerhouse PRS Private Stock, Artist Package and 10 Top madness, where killer Beasts from The East, unleashed by The Wizards of Wonkaville, roam in untamed brain-bending exotic-and-figured-wood glory.

Rip it up on a monstrous rising Suhr Modern wave, righteous hard-core flash-and-dash from the Lords of Lake Elsinore.

WildCat Guitars understands your hot pursuit of the latest, greatest guitars on the rock' roll planet.

We offer expert advice to help you navigate the red-hot realm of killer custom shop and powerhouse private stock action.

WildCat Guitars means rolling large, top-cat indie-style, breathing the rarefied air as one of the select USA dealerships with access to the best, boldest and most unique six-string creatures of the night:

WildCat: on the tip of your rock n' roll tongue.

Talk Guitars at the rustic WildCat Live-Edge Cedar banquet table as you search for the precious.

Remember the guitar that got away at WildCat's 130-year-old hand-carved-wood bar in the Alley Cat lounge in an ethereal skylight haze as cool as the cosmic-ocean-blue concrete floor upon which you glide.

WildCat Guitars: Straight outta Escondido, CA.

Feel the Custom-USA-six-string jungle heat.

Burn It Up; WildCat Style!