How Do I Get a Custom Guitar Built?

That's the number-one question we get asked. The answer begins with you.

It begins with an idea you had; with a vintage guitar you once owned—you know, that one that got away; or with a guitar you saw that really grabbed you and wouldn't let go. Maybe it's the guitar you always wanted to have built; the one with your name inlaid on the fingerboard in mother-of-pearl.

It’s the guitar you’ve been dreaming about and no one has it because it’s only in your head... why not have it built?

Getting Started Is Simple

The shape of a neck on a guitar can determine so many factors. The pickups, body and neck woods, fretboard, fretwire... Nickel or Gold hardware. Everything! We will cover all aspects of building your dream guitar.

If you’re in the shop we have examples of most neck shapes. This will help you explore the feel and bend on any shape so that you have a better idea of what will best suit your specific playing style.

This can also be done over the phone or through email. Email works great! This give us a paper trail and complete history and is also how we need to submit to the builder, ie.: PRS, Fender, Suhr, Gibson, Charvel, Jackson, etc...

Making The Dream Reality

Once we have all your specs, we will then submit for pricing and ETA.

Once you are satisfied that the specs are correct, we will get your guitar scheduled and built.

The hard part is the waiting, as it can be up to 6 months. If this is Masterbuilt it can be a bit longer, but we will know all this beforehand.

Once your instrument is completed, it will be shipped to us and then to you. You'll have it at last! Not only a great instrument designed especially for you, but also Custom Built One-Of-A-Kind.

If you can dream it... We can have it built for you.

Contact WildCat Guitars and Get Started!